Shed Permits & Approvals

Council Approvals for Sheds

Do I need a permit for a garden shed is one of the most commonly asked questions we get at Sheds4Less.Get a new garden shed now

Most small garden sheds are considered to be exempt or complying developments by Councils and do not require you to apply for a Building Permit or Development Application.

Councils throughout Australia are relaxing the requirements for shed building permits. The objective is to reduce red tape and to enable Councils to concentrate on more important building approval and DA application tasks. This is good news for anyone who wants to build a back yard garden shed.

The shed permit and approval process is being streamlined in all States of Australia. As of 2011 the streamlining process is still in flux and it is best to contact your local council to get definitive answers.

However a number of States are well down the track and below is a summary which will help determine if you can build your shed without a permit or approval from your local Council.


Learn about garden shed set backs and distances from fences and boundaries by watching this short video.

Want to know more about exempt and complying developments and how they relate to garden sheds? Then watch this short video.

Our sheds are built to comply with the Australian Building Code regulations and in a majority of cases qualify as an exempt and complying development.

For more details on your State Governments requirements for garden shed permits and approvals click on your state button below.